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The #1 Way to be Valued as a Trusted Advisor

If you’ve attended my Trusted Advisor seminar or used any of my coaching tools, you may recall that my overriding theme is demonstrate that you understand your customers’ unique circumstances. If you or your team members aren’t convinced, consider this… I recently attended a presentation by Tanya Ecklund, leader of the #1 team at the #1 Re/Max office in the world. Pretty big credentials. During the Q & A I asked Tanya how, when she and her competitors were invited to submit proposals, she closed more deals. Her response was that she proved to the client that she knew more about that customer’s unique property, that neighborhood, and that marketplace than the competition. Notice that Tanya’s success had nothing to do with the way many realtors try to stand out; by creating hokey slogans or nicknames. Ironically, your brand value is less about your uniqueness, and more about your understanding of your customers’ uniqueness.

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