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3 Reasons to Stop Worrying about your Industry Competitors

If you’re a manager or business owner of a company that sells business-to-business, you may not be as worried about being competitively blindsided as those who sell business-to-consumer. After all, if you’re not a retailer or a taxi company then one might assume you needn’t worry about market disrupters like Amazon and Uber. The problem is your business customers – when they are away from work – are experiencing remarkable convenience from those brand-busting companies. So, when those customers do work with you, they may be wondering:

Why no instant ordering online? If for example, you sell plumbing supplies online to contractors, is your online ordering as easy as Amazon, where one click does it all? Or do you force regular customers to fill in numerous fields?

Why don’t I know exactly when the service person will show up? If you provide industrial services for commercial buildings, can the property manager have a mapping app like Uber that tells them exactly when your rep will arrive on-site?

Why can’t I get answers after business hours? Chatbots using AI are commonplace with consumer brands. Perhaps your brand is so specialized there aren’t many frequently asked questions. But with traditional 9-5 working hours disappearing, is there at least a live person who is receiving after-hours web requests who could potentially get back to the customer right away?

A lot of companies claim they provide great customer service. Compared to who? Your customers are no longer merely comparing you to your competitors. They’re also comparing your company to the Amazons and Ubers of the world. Is there room for improvement in your service?

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