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Answer the client’s NEXT unspoken question

“The best advice I ever received on earning customer respect was…” (This was a manager I interviewed in preparation for a customized virtual Trusted Advisor seminar I would be staging for her company). She said a mentor advised her to, “… always answer the client’s NEXT unspoken question.” In other words, when you share information with a customer, it often prompts more questions like, what are the costswhat are the alternativeshow does this address my other concerns and goals… etc. The key is not forcing the client to ask obvious follow up questions. Give that information up front. My take on why this approach is so impactful is it demonstrates you are thinking ahead of the customer. It proves you’re considering their larger desires, and it positions you as a strategic thinker, not just an order taker. So, next time you report to a customer or other stakeholder, be sure to also answer their next unspoken question.

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