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Are you trying to juggle too much?

If you’re a busy manager, which of the following activities do you find it most difficult to find time for:

  • Coaching employees to enhance their service and selling skills.
  • Recognizing and rewarding team members who provide exceptional internal and external customer service.
  • Ensuring your team is innovating and adapting to your customers’ changing needs.

If you don’t work in a huge organization, then you likely don’t have the luxury of having an HR department that takes care of staff training and employee recognition. Nor do you have or a dedicated R&D department. You’re responsible for all of it, so these tasks typically are only done on a sporadic basis, if at all. Yet they are vital to any organization’s long-term competitiveness.

The good news is there is simple way to ensure that as a manager you address all these issues in a systematic fashion. Better yet it only takes 90 minutes a month. You’ll discover this turnkey system in my upcoming live-stream seminar. Check it out at Leading a Customer-Focused Team


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