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Ask without Accusing

In a perfect world, when people commit to do something it would absolutely be done and you’d never have to ask or remind them about it. In reality though, as you’ve no doubt experienced, customers, co-workers, friends and family members have other priorities and may neglect or forget to follow-through. Out of frustration, we might ask, “Did you (insert their commitment here) yet?” Unfortunately, that wording sounds slightly accusatory and puts the other person on the defensive; making them more inclined to rationalize the delay. That’s not helpful. Instead, consider using the phrase, “have a chance to” as in, “Did you have a chance to…?”.  That phrasing – while reminding the person of their commitment – comes across as empathic and forgiving. Ironically, the kindness it conveys is much more apt to compel the person to take action.

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