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Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Smart business people know that your options to stand out in the marketplace are limited… cut prices? Not very profitable. Improve product quality? Certainly, but that can take substantial time and money. The fastest, most cost-effective way to differentiate yourself is to focus on your service. Customer service can no longer be merely average or simply friendly; it needs to be remark-able. That means you and your team members need to be seen as Trusted Advisors, so that you make price less relevant. Here’s your opportunity to make that happen for your team…

About this half day seminar

Some people claim that taking customer experience to the next level is complex. Jeff Mowatt disagrees. That’s why he calls his approach, Influence with Ease. Jeff reveals easy-to-apply tips, tools and phrases that generate significant results including:

  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Reduce conflicts with customers and co-workers
  • Recharge customer service teamwork
  • Make price less relevant

Whether you and your team members communicate with customers or co-workers, these strategies will change the way people view you and your organization.

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NOTE: due to the COVID-19 situation the following events have been POSTPONED. Please check here for updates.

Participants discover how to:

  • Enhance people’s perception of you by 12% by using a two word phrase more often (hint: it’s not please or thank you)
  • Prevent customers from defecting just to save a few dollars
  • Reduce your customers’ buying choices, and increase purchases by 7 fold
  • Position your ideas, products, and services so that people select higher value options
  • Meet and exceed the 7 top customer expectations
  • Connect with clients at a deeper level by expressing your ‘grand intention’
  • Use the most prevalent shift in buying behaviors to boost your business
  • Avoid 5 common expressions that unwittingly raise skepticism in others
  • Tap the ‘humility advantage’ to influence without pushiness
  • Deal effectively with customers and co-workers who are stressed or rushed
  • Ensure that social media messages about you and your organization strengthen rather than damage your brand
  • Break bad news to others without creating hard feelings
  • Move beyond repeat business to create loyalty (there is a difference)
  • Prevent miscommunications that lead to stress and work overload
  • Boost communication skills both at work and in your personal life
  • Recharge your spirit and brighten your interactions with others

Jeff believes that smart customers no longer value you as an information provider. For information, customers can search Google in less than a second and it’s free. Free is worthless. Fortunately however, there are 3 core elements that customers do want from you – better yet to receive them, they are willing to pay a premium. You’ll discover how to apply these 3 elements so you’re perceived less as an information provider or order-taker, and valued more – literally, as a Trusted Advisor.

A unique learning opportunity with Jeff Mowatt


Treat yourself to this entertaining, informative session with Hall of Fame speaker, Jeff Mowatt B.Comm, CSP. Jeff knows his stuff. He didn’t just read the book – he wrote it! He’s the best-selling author of the books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month, and Influence with Ease. He heads his own training company and has written and produced 13 coaching tools. His Influence with Ease column has been syndicated and featured in over 200 business publications. Jeff has exercised influence himself as a 27 year customer service strategist,  business owner, and former national president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.


6 reasons why managers and their teams should attend this program…

  1. You’ll stay current.  You have no doubt noticed that technology is changing the face of customer service. Traditional ways we used to interact with customers, win their trust, and keep them coming back are becoming irrelevant. You’ll discover 3 of the most significant trends in customer service, and how you can position your organization to capitalize in response. Ignore these trends and you may find your business model is becoming obsolete. Your choice is to disrupt your market or become disrupted.
  2. You’ll learn something.  If you’ve ever attended a conference where Jeff was the speaker, you know that he goes beyond theory and wishful thinking. Instead, he reveals unique Influence with Ease tips that work in the real world. No matter what level you’re at in your organization, you will discover concepts that earn and hold your customers’ trust – even when they are rushed or stressed.
  3. The half day format enables your whole team to attend.  Jeff does the same program in the morning and the afternoon so that half of your team can attend either session. That means you get consistent training for everyone in a single day without having to shut down operations or forcing some people to miss out.
  4. It’s economical.  We worked hard to come-up with a registration fee that would make it easy for organizations of any size to afford. The registration fee for this program is as low as $177 for early-bird registrations. We want to see all your people here. So we offer 10% off when you register 10 or more people. In terms of return on your investment, consider the payoff of each team member gaining and keeping just one repeat customer as a result of this training. How much does it cost your organization when an employee inadvertently loses a single repeat customer? When employees are forced to contend with customers and co-workers who are frustrated, what’s the toll on staff morale? What’s the cost of finding replacements? Take advantage of this opportunity to re-engage your entire team. Show them that you believe in them and expect them to continuously improve their service. If you’re a manager, demonstrate that you’re committed to this by attending yourself and bringing your management team. Keep in mind though that space is limited. Avoid disappointment and get the best rates by registering today.
  5. You’ll have fun!  People pay more attention, learn faster, and retain more when they’re enjoying themselves. Becoming a Trusted Advisor is a fascinating topic presented by a Hall of Fame speaker that can enrich your communications with just about any other human. With Jeff you’ll laugh and learn. That means boosting your business and morale.
  6. It’s an opportunity to grow your business.  The short-sighted approach to deal with price-cutting competitors is just to respond in kind; cut prices, operate on a shoe-string, hope for better times. The problem is customers will always be able to find someone else willing to provide similar products or services cheaper. Savvy managers realize your best option to prosper is to become a category-of-one; by simply enhancing the skills of the people you already have. You have two choices when faced with competitive pressures – you can either take refuge or take action.

Still not sure this is the right seminar for your team?

Take a few minutes to watch this video…

2020 Upcoming Events:

NOTE: due to the COVID-19 situation the following events have been POSTPONED. Please check here for updates.

Lloydminster – April 2 Kelowna – May 4 Winkler – June 2 Regina – March 31
Lethbridge – April 16 Abbotsford – May 5 Saskatoon – April 1
Grande Prairie – May 26 Vancouver – May 6 NOVA SCOTIA Lloydminster – April 2
Edmonton – May 28 Victoria – May 8 Halifax – June 19 Prince Albert – March 12


Lethbridge – April 16 – Coast Lethbridge Hotel & Conference Centre, 526 Mayor Magrath Dr, T1J 3M2

British Columbia
Abbotsford – May 5 – Quality Hotel & Conference Centre, 36035 North Parrallel Road, V3G 2C6
Kelowna – May 4 – The Kanata Kelowna Hotel & Conference Centre, 2429 Highway 97 North, V1X 4J2
Vancouver – May 6 – Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre, Metro Vancouver
4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby V5C 3Y6
Victoria – May 8 – Four Points by Sheraton Victoria Gateway, 829 McCallum Road, V9B 6W6

Lloydminster – April 2 – Microtel Inn & Suites, 4257-44 Street, S9V 2H1
Prince Albert – March 12 – Coronet Hotel, 3551-2 Ave W, S6V 5G1
Regina – March 31 – Best Western Seven Oaks Hotel, 777 Albert Street, S4R 2P6
Saskatoon – April 1 – Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton, 110 Gateway Blvd, S7L 1S4

Seminar times:
Morning session:
  Check-in: 8:30am – 9:00am. Program: 9:00am – 12:00 Noon.
Afternoon session:  Check-in:  1:00pm – 1:30pm.  Program:  1:30pm – 4:30pm.

Registration: (amounts are in Canada dollars for Canadian events & US dollars for US events)
Standard  -at the door or up to 6 days prior to seminar date – $275
Advance rate – 1-4 weeks prior to the seminar date – $189
Early-bird – one month or more prior to seminar date – $177
Group rate: You’ll automatically receive 10% off the above rates when registering 10 or more people at once.

Enrolment is limited.  To guarantee your seating register today by calling us at 1-800-JMowatt (566-9288), within Calgary 403-244-9094.

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Bonus!  This seminar includes Participant Learning Guides and Continuing Education Certificates for 2.75 hours of professional development. Note: In Ontario, this seminar qualifies for 2.5 hours of RIBO credit under the category, “Personal Skills”. Jeff’s coaching tools will also be available at special seminar rates.

Our results using Jeff’s concepts have been tremendous, with overall sales up over 300% compared to last year’s volumes for the same period. Obviously there are a number of additional factors that we have undertaken that have contributed to that increase, but Jeff’s seminar on customer loyalty was certainly a key component.

Jim Bobst, Operations Manager – Contact Center, CUETS (Credit Union Electronic Services)

I’m mind blown. These tips and tools are the first step to revolutionizing my approach with customers.

Kevin Hallet, Office Manager/Broker, Ing & McKee Insurance Ltd.

Within 18 months of introducing Jeff Mowatt’s program… public complaints have decreased by 75%

Murray Gottselig, Manager Corp Customer Services, SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance)

Very likely the BEST customer service seminar I’ve ever attended. Content, examples and real life practical approaches to use were right on the mark.

Blaine Steward, Manager-Customer Support, City of Edmonton

This investment in your people will pay for itself over and over.

Elaine Brownlee, Business Training Mgr, Business Development Bank of Canada

Our staff attend this seminar and it was so helpful. The way we deal with customers, clients, venders, and each other has improved. Our team has risen to standards that are somewhat unheard of in our trade. Setting a new benchmark in the way customers, and people in general are treated is both exciting and exhilarating. Thank-you for a new outlook on an old business.

Tim Tarita, President/CEO, Magnum Electric

Jeff’s seminar provided new tools for us as leaders to enhance and improve our relationships.

Jeff Wimmer, Senior Manager, Sales Super Centre, WestJet Airlines

On a normal shift I would regularly have at least 3 people freak-out and start complaining. Since using Jeff’s techniques over 4 weeks ago, I have not even had one patron become cross!!! These simple life-changing skills not only make the customers feel better, but also the employees! I don’t leave work angry because of the rude customers…Awesome!

Marla Shumilak, Aquatic Centre Supervisor/Instructor, City of North Battleford

Fantastic job! Jeff has effectively shown staff easy, authentic and effective ways to influence and service our customers both internally and externally. It will encourage our staff to present a more professional image to members.

Bonnie Johnson, Training Coordinator/HR Support, Chinook Credit Union

I learned more from Jeff’s seminar in one session than I have in all the others I have attended over the years.

Michael White, General Manager, Jasper Drugs & Gifts, Jasper

I wish our entire staff were here to hear what Jeff had to say.

Debbie Cipp, Optometrist, Drs H & K Docman & Associates

We greatly appreciate Jeff bringing this level of training to rural communities; making it cost effective and accessible.

Tammy Verigin-Burk, Executive Director, Castlegar Chamber of Commerce

Overall, Jeff’s seminar was completely beneficial. It’s given each team member the tools to believe in their own problem solving ability. They now take customer service issues personally and the proof is shown in our recent guest feedback. I have received dozens of written comments from our guests stating, ‘The Blackfoot Inn has exceeded our expectations!

Sean Million, Front Office Manager, The Blackfoot Inn

Thank you Jeff! Attending two of your seminars and having our staff complete the training tools we ordered had a significant impact. The Sarnia Chamber of Commerce just presented us with an award for OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Jeff Baarschers, Nursery Manager, DeGroot’s Nurseries

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