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When it comes to customer service strategies, Jeff didn't just read the book - he wrote it! He's the author of the best-selling business books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month and Influence with Ease. He is a Hall of Fame motivational speaker and has produced several training tools. His Influence with Ease® column has been syndicated and featured in over 200 business and on-line publications.

Team Building: How fancy meals can backfire vs. what actually works

Motivate yourTeam at Work - Jeff Mowatt Customer Service & Sales Speaker, Customer Service & Sales Trainer. Why Traditional Team Building Fails and What Actually Works

In this video, I discuss a common approach to team building that often proves counterproductive, and I share a more effective strategy to foster a cooperative, motivated, and content team. To build a truly cohesive team, prioritize shared goals and customer experience. Teamwork will follow as a natural byproduct.

Embracing Your Critics

Embracing your Critics - Business Building Tip by Jeff Mowatt Customer Service & Sales Speaker, Customer Service & Sales TrainerHow to Navigate Disagreements with Customers or Coworkers

When you disagree with a customer or co-worker, consider using the “feel, felt, found” formula, created by Ron Willingham. The way it works is that you respond to the other person’s opinion with, “I know how you feel, I felt the same way. And then what I found was… (then explain how you arrived at your conclusion).” “Feel, felt, found” enables you to redirect another person without harming their pride.

Start your Day Strong: Motivation Tip for a Positive Mindset

Motivation Tip for a Postive Mind Set - Jeff Mowatt Customer Service & Sales Speaker, Customer Service & Sales TrainerHow to Work Smarter by simply Tweaking your To-Do List

In this video, I'll explain that focusing on the most impactful tasks at the beginning of your day, you set a positive tone for the rest of your day and ensure that you’re making meaningful progress.

Sales Technique that Backfires – Trying to Beat the Competition

Sales Technique that Backfires - trying to beat the competion Youtube sales training tip by Jeff Mowatt Customer Service & Sales Speaker, Customer Service & Sales Trainer

Badmouthing the competition doesn’t increase sales. Instead, use this selling technique when referring to your competitors.

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Say this to Sound more Helpful to Customers and Coworkers

Maximize your Impact at Work with Effective Communication

I’m just going to say it – I doubt you’re getting the credit you deserve at work. The reason, as I point out in my Trusted Advisor Customer Service seminars , is often work happens behind the scenes; beyond the view of customers and coworkers. That’s why the words you choose when actually talking with people at work has such an impact in their impressions of you.

Contrast for example, when a customer asks to speak with someone who isn’t available. A common response: “I’ll have to take a message”.  A more impactful response: “I’ll be happy to take a message.”  If you were the customer, which employee would you say provides better service and has a better attitude? It’s amazing how simply changing one word when communicating can have such an effect on customer perceptions.

How about you and your team? Could they use a refresh in their customer communication skills? Let me know if I can assist.

Written By Jeff Mowatt (original content – not AI generated)

Handling Angry Customers

How to Prevent an angry customer from becoming abusive

Handling Angry Customers prevent them from becoming abursive by Jeff Mowatt Customer Service & Sales Speaker/TrainerHow to strengthen customer loyalty and prevent customers from becoming angry when mistakes happen. In this video, Jeff Mowatt shares a valuable tip for handling angry customers by considering what's at stake. Using a real-life example, he illustrates how a fast food restaurant's short-sighted approach to a customer complaint escalated into a national headline.

Which of these 2 Phone Greetings will Make the Sale?

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Effective Phone Techniques

Quick – when phoning a company, which of these two organizations would you prefer to do business with? The first one answers: “ABC Auto.” The second answers, “Thank you for calling XYZ Auto, this is Dale.” If you’re like most customers, the second company gets your business.  Three reasons for the second greeting being more impactful:

  1. The person answering volunteered their name, indicating transparency – like they are OK being held accountable. They aren’t hiding.
  2. The second greeting did not add the word, ‘speaking’’  after their name. We want callers to remember our name and be encouraged to volunteer theirs. Since people remember the word spoken last, we want that word to be our name, not ‘speaking’.
  3. For the same reason, we don’t bother adding the useless, “How can I help you?” The caller will state why they’re calling if we let them. And we’ll have more positive energy with our greeting when it’s shorter - especially when we have to say it repeatedly.

Bottom line: when employees are trained on how to properly answer the phone, there’s a good chance in your customers’ minds, your employees are also trained to solve their problems. So simply providing some fundamentals on telephone communications creates an easy competitive advantage. How about your team - could they use a tune-up with customer communications? Let me know if I can assist.

2 Simple Steps to Transform Troublesome Team Members

IManaging Diffuclt Employees video by Jeff Mowatt Customer Service & Sales Speaker and Trainert’s been said that life would be easy – except for the humans! If you’re faced with difficult customers, co-workers, or family members, check out this video where I reveal two keys to motivating difficult people - without creating hard feelings.

Want to Sound more Honest? Say this

Boost your Credibility Instantly

Here’s an easy way to enhance your credibility when you’re interviewed, or when a customer asks you question. Contrast two responses when the customer asks, When will this be delivered?

  • Sketchy reply: “This is a busy time of year for our manufacturer. But they’re still running on time. So it will be there by May 21st.”
  • Pro reply: “It will be there by May 21st.  This is a busy time of year for our manufacturer. But they’re still running on time.”

Notice the difference? When responding, first answer the question directly, then elaborate. Even when your answer is I don’t know, yet. Often when responding to questions, people begin by explaining all the background to their answer, and then eventually get around to answering the question. This gives the impression of skirting the issue; sometimes referred to as sounding like a politician. Answering questions directly and then elaborating gives the impression that you are respectful, transparent, and honest. Big difference for simply changing the order of a few words.

Selling for Grudge Purchases

Most customers don’t enjoy paying for ‘grudge’ purchases like car repairs, insurance, or braces for their children’s teeth. That’s why in this video I share 4 tips for how to make reluctant customers feel better about doing business with you and your team members


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