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The Most Common Over-Sharing Blunders

You’ve no doubt noticed the train-wrecks people create for their reputations by over-sharing on social media. Unfortunately, this lack of discretion isn’t limited to YouTube and Twitter. Here are some of the most common examples of customer service indiscretions.

  • Emailing customers with bad news.  The tone of an email can inadvertently offend and generate replies that are copied up the ladder; taking more time and involving more people than simply phoning.  Better yet, if you can, go in-peron.
  • Telling the customer about your organization’s internal communication issues, lack of staff, etc.  Customers don’t want to hear it and it makes you look bad for staying there.
  • Complaining to co-workers about certain customers.  Left un-checked, this boorish behavior becomes the norm.  Customers start picking-up the vibe that they’re being regarded with more contempt than caring.

The reminder for all of us is to think twice before speaking… or emailing, texting, etc.

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