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Cranky customers wearing you down?

If you sense customers are becoming more impatient and demanding, you’re not alone. My clients tell me about how price hikes and supply chain issues are putting more pressure on their customers. The lack of control over timelines and costs is taking a toll on everyone’s patience. So, today’s tip is somewhat unconventional.

We may not have control over customers being stressed, but we do have control over our reactions. This time I’m not talking about phrases that help defuse tense situations (tips I share in my seminars). In this case, I’m talking about feeling less stressed by using one strategy – exercise before going to work.

You’ve likely had days where you have so many demands pulling at you from all sides, you may feel – as one manager client of mine stated – “defeated by your day”. You may even need to stay after hours to finish what you started in the morning. Here’s the rub… chances are in that scenario you not only feel stressed and exhausted, you also feel some guilt over missing a workout.

By exercising before arriving for work – or even sneaking in a mini workout/ walk/ stretch at lunchtime – you help recover from stress. Your entire system is reoxygenated and re-energized. Best of all you feel a sense of self-worth rather than guilt, knowing you’re still taking care of your health. That sense of calm comes through in your communications with others and helps everyone around you gain some perspective. Plus, at the end of the day, you bring a nicer, healthier person home to your family/ roommates/ goldfish.

Being kind to customers starts with being kind to yourself.

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