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Customer Cellphone Etiquette

You’ve probably noticed that today’s customer is easily distracted. It doesn’t seem to matter if they’re at work or on personal time… their mobile devices just keep pinging, vibrating, and signaling that someone else needs their attention.   Trying to have a buying conversation with ‘wired’ customers reminds me of the Disney movie, ‘Up!’ where, in midst of conversation, dogs would suddenly look sideways and shout, ‘Squirrel!’  As I demonstrate in my live presentations, helping customers make complex buying decisions requires their time and attention.   To help gain both, consider starting the conversation by taking-out your phone and stating, ‘Let me turn this darned thing off, so we won’t be interrupted.   By the way, how’s your time – are we OK?   That not only conveys that you consider them to be important; it also encourages customers to ignore their phone, and commit some time to this decision.

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