Customer Communications E-Learning Course


Customer Communications E-Learning Course by Jeff Mowatt











Customer Communications E-Learning Course


To be used in conjunction with Jeff Mowatt’s live training seminars, this E-learning course is a follow-on to strengthen communication skills with customers and co-workers.

Learning Objectives: Participants learn how build and hold trust in a variety of situations: with first impressions, anticipating and clarifying needs, enhancing internal and external service, and recovering from service errors.

Learning Outcomes:
– Strengthened customer loyalty
– Reduced conflicts with customers and co-workers
– Recharged team spirit
– Enhanced service culture

Format: E-learning interactive course. Modules are downloadable onto any desktop or mobile device. In total there are 28 modules; each taking approximately 30 minutes to complete. Each module begins with subject matter content for the learner. In the accompanying questionnaire, learners are asked multiple-choice questions for each module. Participants’ answers are checked against the answer key. A 75% grade must be achieved to receive the Customer Communications E-Learning Course certificate.

Total course length: 14 hours


  1. Managing Multiple Customers
  2. Grand Intentions to Greater Sales
  3. The Shocking Truth About Your Image
  4. Test Your Telephone Effectiveness
  5. Top 10 Telephone Turnoffs
  6. Phrases that add Value
  7. The Humility Advantage
  8. When Talking to Strangers
  9. Avoiding Office Politics
  10. When Customers Ignore You
  11. The Dreaded F-Word at Work
  12. I don’t seem to Fit-in at Work
  13. In Praise of Quieter Communications
  14. Dealing with Wealthy Customers
  15. 10 Ways to Break it to them Gently
  16. Customers from Hell
  17. Keeping Customers when Things Go Wrong
  18. Stop Being so Nice!
  19. Top 10 Worst things to Say to Angry Customers
  20. Customer Service Motivation
  21. Fabulous First Impressions
  22. Great Openings
  23. Gaining Influence
  24. Cultivating a Service Attitude
  25. Listening and Identifying Needs
  26. Softening Bad News
  27. Resolving Conflict
  28. Service Strategy

Course fee per participant –  $1250.  Contact our office to arrange for course enrollment.


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