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A Common Website Error that Frustrates Customers

Which would you say describes your organization’s website?
a) Our website makes it easy for customers to
communicate with employees in a variety of ways.
b) Our website makes it difficult for customers to
actually talk with our employees.

I believe the better answer is a), yet it’s surprising how many managers – sometimes unknowingly – allow b) to happen on their websites. Evidently, many organizations are afraid to be accessible to their customers. Their websites hide or bury their contact information (particularly phone numbers) or don’t display an email address. Instead, they insist customers fill in online feedback forms. I understand the cost savings of having customers serve themselves with online information and artificial intelligence chat boxes. But that only works when you execute flawlessly, and customers understand exactly how to find out about, order, and use your products. If this isn’t the case all the time, then make it easy for customers to ask questions. Keep in mind that a single two minute phone conversation can often prevent several emails that end up taking 20 minutes of staff time to address. An easy competitive advantage in today’s e-commerce planet is simply being more accessible to customers.


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