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Are You a Friend or a Professional?

You’ve probably heard in other customer service training programs about the importance of creating stronger personal relationships with customers. You’re supposed to get to know the customer personally: their interests, family. You’re supposed to socialize and schmooze. That’s not what I teach in my programs where I’m training people who want to compete beyond price. I believe friendliness is fine but it isn’t the goal. Frankly, the more a customer considers you to be a close friend the more they want to pay the discounted ‘family rate’. Ask yourself when you’re a customer, who you’d want to perform heart surgery on you. The neighborhood surgeon who’s a friend, has cheap prices, but a questionable success record. Or the surgeon who you’ve never met who has the highest success rate in the country – who also happens to have steepest prices. Remember, your customers already have friends. What they want and are willing to pay for – are professionals.

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Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often. – Mark Twain


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