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Are you Hiding Behind your Website?

The Pitfalls of Inaccessible Online Customer Service

When researching or shopping online, you’ve probably noticed that some companies regard their website customers who have questions, as being pests. Perhaps you’ve phoned a “customer-support” person, who attempts to send you back to their website. Of course the reason you’re phoning is because the information on their website wasn’t useful. Then there are the sites that don’t provide their email addresses or any kind of contact information. Instead, customers are forced to fill-in those irritating online forms/fields just to ask a quick question. While the fill-in forms may prevent some spam, they waste the time of all legitimate customers. The irony is online customers are also the people who are the most cyber-savvy and able to trash the offending company via social media. I believe we’ve reached a turning point in customer service where companies who continue to hide behind their websites will be taking a costly hit to their online brand.

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Written By Jeff Mowatt (original content – not AI generated)


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