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Business Etiquette – Are you On Time?

What time should you arrive for a 10 o’clock business meeting?

9:50 – you’re bright and early
9:55 – you’re early; but not so early you look like you’re wasting time
9:59 – you’re there in the nick of time
10:00 – you’re exactly on-time
10:05 – meetings don’t get going for the first 5 minutes anyway

I learned the answer years ago as a first-year business student at the University of Calgary. An HR manager from Trimac Trucking came in to speak to us about the real world of business, making a positive impression, and getting hired. He explained that if you show up for a meeting late, you’re disrespectful to others. Showing up 10 minutes early indicates you haven’t got enough to do. Arriving exactly on time or 1 minute early makes you look rushed and disorganized. Hence, the correct answer to convey courtesy and competence is b) 9:55. Here’s to professionals who are ‘on time’ 🙂

Today’s chuckle:

If you find a four-leaf clover, it means you have entirely too much time on your hands.


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