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Courting Smarter Clients

As a customer, you’ve likely wondered how some organizations can be so insulting to your intelligence. Consider dental practices with signs: Now Accepting New Patients! (like it’s hard to find a dentist). Think of the number of businesses that claim they’re Number One. How about when the phone rings and the caller states, “We’re in your area…” offering a special on furnace cleaning? My take is there are two flaws with these strategies: 1) They’re dishonest. 2) They only work on people who are gullible; meaning these buyers typically don’t have a lot of money for long, so they won’t make good long term customers. Conversely, the more you treat customers like intelligent, well-intentioned adults, the more you’ll generate a solid customer base that is ready, willing, and able to pay for the extra value you provide. Critical question: Do all of your communications show respect for your customers’ intelligence?

Today’s Chuckle:

I never wanted to believe that my Dad was stealing from his job as a road worker. But when I got home, all the signs where there.

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