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Focus on interests vs position

Prioritizing interests over positions leads to mutually beneficial outcomes when negotiating with others.


In the realm of influencing others, reflect upon the timeless tale of two sisters vying for the last orange. In their resolution to divide it equally, each sister ended up with only half, a seemingly fair outcome. However, their oversight lay in fixating on their bargaining positions—specifically, the desire for at least half of the orange. Had they redirected their focus to their underlying interests, understanding why they wanted the orange, a more optimal solution would have emerged. One sister sought the peel for marmalade, while the other aimed to extract the juice. By prioritizing interests over positions, they could have both satisfied their needs, resulting in a mutually beneficial arrangement. The key takeaway is clear: in the art of influencing, emphasize understanding each other’s interests rather than rigid bargaining positions.


Today’s chuckle:

Two wrongs are just the beginning.


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