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Foul-ups that Boost Business

What would you think of a driver who did this with your delivery? I’d ordered a supply of firewood from Timber Ridge Firewood, a company based several miles out of town. The delivery truck arrives as scheduled, but when I ask the young driver, Kolten about the canvas carrying bag that I’d also ordered, something unexpected happens. “Oh, no!” Kolten exclaims, “I completely forgot to bring it. Sorry about that! Tell you what, I’ll come by tonight on my own time and drop it off. If you’re not here I can hide it next to the stack. Would that be OK with you?”

I’m taken aback by this young man’s instant honesty. Many people would have deflected responsibility and blamed someone back at loading for the foul-up. The fact that he takes responsibility, apologizes, and offers to return later to drop it off has me wondering, did this kid go to one of my seminars? 

Sure enough that evening a little car pulls up and Kolten drops off the bag. I was so impressed I emailed his boss the next day to let him know he was lucky to have such a solid citizen representing his company. Now, I’ve just raved to you and over 35,000 other readers about the good service at Timber Ridge Firewood. Ironically, all that positive goodwill and free advertising happened as a result of a mistake.

Sooner or later in every organization there will be foul-ups and oversights. The mistake itself is not usually what determines whether we keep the customer. It’s what we say and do about the mistake that matters. When handled properly, mistakes can actually strengthen customer loyalty and build your brand. 

As you make plans for keeping your employees engaged in 2023, could it be time for a refresher on enhancing communications with your internal and external customers? Let me know if I can assist. We’ll schedule a short zoom chat about your team’s unique needs. Then if it looks like a possible fit, I’ll follow-up with something in writing for you to consider. Let’s move your team past the pandemic blues. Finally, in 2023 let’s do this!


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