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How May I Rush You?

When organizations bring me in to do presentations on customer service, one of the easiest areas for improvement may be how they answer their phones. For example, a typical phone greeting could be, “Good morning, this is ABC org, Susan speaking. How may I help you?” Sounds good in theory, but in reality there are 4 negatives: 1. It’s too long, so employees rush through with a monotone. 2. Employees confuse times and mistakenly say, good afternoon. 3. Finishing with ‘how can I help you’ rushes customers to get to the point – instead of introducing themselves. 4. The caller misses the employee’s name because it’s skimmed over early in the sentence. A more effective greeting is simply, “Thank you for calling ABC org, this is Susan.” It’s short, friendly, and helps customers remember your name while encouraging them to offer theirs.


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It is not your position that makes you happy or unhappy, it’s your disposition.


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