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How to lose friends and disinterest people

Assembling the new lamps looked easy when I removed the two parts from the box. I would attach the post to the base with the 2 enclosed screws. 5 minutes max. Then I see the FOUR PAGE manual. Assuming I must be missing something I start reading. It begins by explaining the plug is polarized and that one prong is larger than the other. Therefore if it doesn’t plug-in I should reverse the plug. Well duh. By providing too much useless information, they managed to take a simple purchase, add to the perceived complexity, and insult the customer’s intelligence. It’s akin to someone telling you driving directions when you don’t have a pen and they describe all the stuff you’ll pass before you turn. It just complicates things. The easier and shorter you make your instructions the more customers will associate you with a ‘hassle-free’ buying experience.

Today’s chuckle:

Sign at the Pavlov Institute: Knock: Please don’t ring the bell.


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