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How to Not Sell Yourself Short

Strategic Generosity – Adding Fairness in Customer Interactions

Whether you are resolving a problem with a customer, negotiating a better price with a supplier, or deciding how to split a tab at a restaurant, your goal is not to get the best short-term deal for yourself. Imagine dissecting a bill at a restaurant with friends to ensure you don’t pay a nickel more than what you consumed. Sure, you’d save some money; but you’d gain a reputation as being cheap. That reputation costs you more than it saves. Instead, simply ask, “What do you think would be fair?” When asked this, most people – including customers – become amazingly reasonable. Chances are they’ll respond with much less than what you might have offered at the outset. At that point, don’t just agree to their offer, add-in something extra. It’s more than what they expect, less than what you might have originally offered, and you are perceived as being generous.


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