Customer Service Training TIps

I’d like your opinion…

Imagine you’re a repeat customer of a company that’s launching a new product. Which of these two sales pitches is more likely to interest you:

  1. We have an exciting new product we are about to release.
  2. We are about to release a new product and we’d like your opinion.

For most customers option ‘a’ sounds like an advertisement. Ads are easily tuned-out. Contrast that to option ‘b’ where the company is requesting your input. They leave it to you to determine whether it’s exciting. Since you’re asked to evaluate it, you begin to feel a sense of ownership. If you discover it is indeed that good, you’re more likely to not only buy it, but also recommend it. Quite a difference for just changing a few words. So next time you have a new product or service, consider approaching your customer with, “I’d like your opinion…”


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