Customer Service Training TIps

Is giving customers too much info hurting your sales?

Contrary to popular opinion, customers no longer need you to provide them with information. They’re already carrying phones that provide access to volumes of internet data – for free. By definition, free is worthless. As I share in my seminars, when customers are making buying decisions, what they actually value is what I call A.I.D:

A – Analyze various options available on behalf of the customer (even some offered by competitors)

I – Interpret those options based on the customer’s unique needs

D – Direct the customer to a maximum of three choices (good, better, best)

Helping customers isn’t about giving them catalogues, price lists, or charts – especially in the early stages. It’s about clarifying their unique needs and providing appropriate options so they can feel more confident about buying. Information is a commodity that’s cheap. A.I.D.© makes your service custom-crafted and valuable.


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