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Is Your Public Behavior Remarkable?

The Remarkable Impact of a Simple Act of Humanity

My long time friend, Gerald, recently told me of a minor incident in human interaction that left a major impression. Enduring the cattle-drive like practice of boarding a crowded airplane, Gerald, while making his way to seat 12C, noticed an oasis of civility. An older Sikh gentleman and his wife had settled into to their places. As the senior made eye contact with a passenger who was about to sit next to them, the older gentleman rose from his seat and out of some bygone sense of decorum, introduced himself and his wife to the new passenger. Gerald said he could tell the new arrival felt somehow… honoured. It seems that in the midst of the rat race, behaviour that’s remark-able, comes down to choosing to act just a little more humane.

Today’s chuckle:

If things get better with age, I’m approaching magnificent!


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