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Key to Calming Cranky Customers (and life partners)

Marriage experts say the biggest predictor of divorce is contempt. The opposite is not affection or love; it’s appreciation. So rather than focusing on our partner’s flaws, we remind ourselves – and them – what we appreciate about them. Working with teams to enhance customer service for over 30 years, I’ve found this practice also applies to our relationships with customers.

Some customers are inconsiderate and demanding. When we are swamped, our words, tone, and body language may send customers the message that they’re not welcome. Then again, without those customers we wouldn’t have a business/ job/ income. So next time you’re feeling less than warmly towards a cranky customer, take a breath and remind yourself what you appreciate about them. Even more maturely, take a moment to tell them. Watch how those few words make the encounter go better for everyone.


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