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Make-the-Day of your Best Customers

We all know to thank customers… what’s not so obvious is the value of expressing appreciation to your best customers. I’m not talking about sending cards at Christmas. I mean conducting an occasional ‘courtesy check-in’ with your best customers to see how your products and services are working for them. Begin by explaining exactly why they are a good customer and what you appreciate about working with him or her. How often do you think they hear this type of feedback from a supplier? You may in fact be the first supplier who’s ever told them this. Customers are humans; they don’t like being taken for granted, they want to be appreciated. With corporate clients, the money they spend often doesn’t come out of their own pockets; so it costs them nothing personally to spend a little more with a supplier who appears to appreciate them. Good return for the cost of saying the decent thing to your best customers.

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Today’s chuckle:

Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.


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