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Validating Customer Needs Enhances Customer Trust

It stands to reason that being a Trusted Advisor requires understanding customer and co-worker needs. The challenge is we may have plenty of knowledge, yet ironically have little impact. It happens when we quickly assess in our own minds the customer’s problem, then go straight to offering a solution.

Simply being quiet and offering a solution doesn’t confirm that you really understand them. You’ll have more of a lasting impact when you prove you understand their needs by stating, “It sounds like…” Then summarize your understanding of their needs.

If you merely listen to a customer and offer a solution, the customer feels PROCESSED. If on the other hand, you listen and verify your understanding of their needs, then move to a solution, your service now feels PERSONALIZED.

Today’s chuckle:

My housecleaning style is best described as, “There appears to have been a struggle.”


Written By Jeff Mowatt (original content – not AI generated)


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