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The Myth of Low Prices

When sales are slow we may begin to believe that customers only buy whatever is cheapest. Employees who buy into this myth lament that their prices are simply too high to compete. In reality though, customers rarely buy the lowest price. Not everyone drives the cheapest cares, wears the cheapest clothes, lives in the cheapest homes, or dines only in fast food restaurants. Customers will readily pay more for products or services that they perceive to be of better service or quality. Generally, cutting prices isn’t viable or necessary. What is needed however, is for employees to help buyers understand what makes your product or service worth paying a premium for. Often, that’s as simple as translating your products and services’ features into benefits.

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Today’s chuckle:

A balding man asked this barber, “Why charge me full price for cutting my hair; there’s so little of it?”, replied the barber, “I charge little for cutting it. You’re paying for my searching for it!”


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