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When Does a Sale Begin?

A question I like to ask in my seminars is, “When does a sale begin?” Perhaps the sale begins when a customer hears about your company, or when they walk in your door. I believe a sale really begins when your customer perceives a need. That’s why when someone asks what you do, it’s useful to describe your service as a solution to a problem. If you’re a financial planner for example, you might say, “You know how a lot of people live from paycheck to paycheck and still have a hard time saving for retirement? That’s what I do – help people with a financial plan to meet day-to-day needs and still retire in comfort.” By describing a common problem first, you help the customer to first perceive a need, and then see you as a potential solution.

Today’s chuckle:

A father is someone who carries pictures of where his money used to be.


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