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Why did you leave us?

You already know how much more profitable it is to keep existing customers than trying to find new ones. Here then is an easy tip to help increase customer retention and profits. Simply call customers who no longer do business with you and ask them why they left. Your goal is not to convince them to come back. Instead, you’re trying to find out how your company may have missed the mark so you can prevent other customers from leaving for the same reasons. Keep in mind that some customers won’t want to hurt your feelings, so consider having a third person make the call. You’ll be surprised at how often they didn’t leave over price; but because of some other miss-step. Bottom line – you’ll get a better ROI moving some of your marketing resources away from chasing new customers and towards finding out why some customers defected in the first place.

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The taste of low quality lingers long after the satisfaction of low price.


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