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Customers feeling processed rather than served

In my seminars where we talk about handling customers efficiently, I point out the danger of customers feeling more ‘processed’ than ‘served’. That’s when we focus more on the completing the transaction than advancing the relationship. Case-in-point is when employees finish recording their out-of-office voice mail messages, or complete customer transactions with the send-off, “Have a nice day.” That mindlessly over-used cliché reminds the customer that the service provider is on auto-pilot, going through the motions of talking. That’s why I was so wonderfully surprised by a simple send-off I received after “Joe” handed me a receipt for the coat I’d just purchased. Instead, of muttering, have a nice day… he looked me in the eye, nodded and said in a serious tone, “Thank you for your business.” As a customer, I actually felt appreciated. Which is why I’ll happily go back. Good results for changing a few words.

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