Ease Decision Fatigue

Empower your Customers with Simple Communication Phrases

You’ve probably noticed that today’s customers are increasingly suffering from decision fatigue. A simple Google search can – in less than a second – deluge potential buyers with so much information that they become overwhelmed and intransigent. That means when you’re helping customers make buying decisions it’s more important than ever to not only help them make decisions more easily; but you also make the decisions appear to be easy. Here are several terms to include into your customer communications to help customers realize that buying from you won’t be a strain: hassle-free, turn-key, step-by-step, guide you, simple, logical, easy, right fit, uncomplicated, in plain English, user-friendly, accessible, ready to use. The result of using these types of terms… less perceived stress for your customers and more profit for you.

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Regular naps prevent old age… especially if you tak them while driving.


Written By Jeff Mowatt (original content – not AI generated)


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