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Do this – and customers will LOVE you

Question for you and your team about how to strengthen customer relationships: Are you more focused on a) getting customers to like you? Or b) getting customers to feel better about themselves?

We of course want people to like us. Problem is, trying to get customers to like us is akin to trying too hard to impress someone on a date. We’re putting the focus on ourselves, when ironically, we’d be more likeable by focusing on the other person.

Customers love it when you treat them like they are knowledgeable, intelligent adults. They love it when you mention the homework you’ve done about them and their company. Customers especially love it when you actually listen and prove that you remember their preferences.

Bottom line – don’t worry too much about how customers feel about you. Focus on how they feel about themselves when they’re around you. Bonus tip – the same can be said about strengthening relationships with your co-workers.

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