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Don’t make your Prices seem so Pricey

Which of these two prices sounds more expensive: “three-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-eight dollars and sixty-seven cents” or, “just under 4k”? For most people the first number sounds like a mouthful. Especially when as a customer you are hearing the price. Consider the Cornell University study – upscale restaurants that removed dollar signs from menus averaged 8% higher revenues. I also believe it sends the wrong message to a customer when – for products and services listed in the thousands of dollars – we itemize the price to the last dollar and cent. It indicates the price was either computer generated or that the company needs every penny. Consider rounding your price down slightly to make it seem more economic. For example, reduce your quote from $3,998.67 to instead simply be 3.9k. In other words, don’t make your prices seem so pricey.

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