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Don’t tell customer what you believe

Selling Tip – don’t tell customers what you believe

Here’s a simple selling tip I recently learned from fellow professional speaker, Jeff Blackman. Eventually in the buying conversation – after hearing the customer’s needs – you’ll offer possible solutions. And you’ll address the customer’s concerns. You may be tempted to use phrases like, I think… or I believe… The problem with those statements is they practically invite the customer to hold a different opinion.

Instead, when it’s your turn to offer suggestions, what if instead you said, It’s been my experience… With that wording, you are no longer tempting the customer to debate. You are relaying a fact.

Customers are looking to you as their trusted advisor to help them make good buying decisions based on your expertise and understanding of their unique needs. When you say, “It’s been my experience with other clients who’ve had similar challenges…”, you’re bringing real word examples and experience to the buying conversation – not merely offering an opinion of what you think or believe. Big difference for changing a few words.

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