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Down-sell to build trust

If you’ve participated in one of my training sessions, you know I share tips on how to earn trust with customers; even those who are frustrated or are making grudge purchases. When it comes to doing business, trusting someone is way more important that having lots in common or liking someone. One of the most powerful ways of earning trust with new customers is down-selling. That’s when customers may be thinking about buying something that goes beyond what they really need. For example, they may be considering ordering a custom product or service that’s more expensive, and because it’s custom, will delay delivery. You’d suggest an alternative which suits their purposes just fine, is less expensive, and speeds the process considerably. Your organization may make less money in the short term, but you’ll build huge trust equity that pays greater dividends long term. The key is everyone in the organization needs to be aligned in doing what’s right for the customer.

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