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How Extreme Expressions Affect Trust

Observing social media feeds, tweets, and posts it sometimes seems the rest of the planet is leading fabulous lives. People post updates on their awesome outings accompanied by selfies showing just how popular and perfect their lives must be. We don’t hear about their typical, run of the mill days that the average working person actually lives. One unfortunate result – in an effort to make things seem more interesting – is our tendency towards hyperbole. We describe things in extreme terms: amazing, spectacular, hilarious. As you know, most people; especially customers who are making significant buying decisions, are not fools. They tune us out and become skeptical (often subconsciously) when our word choices exaggerate – another word for lie. Everything you say and do either advances or reduces your customers’ sense of trust in you – there is no neutral. To be valued as a Trusted Advisor, remember that less is more. Resist the temptation to overuse extreme expressions.

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