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Alexa is Stealing your Business!
Artificial Intelligence and your Future

Artificial intelligence is taking over our lives. Ask Amazon’s Alexa to call a client or confirm your schedule for the day, and Alexa will do just that immediately. Ask her a question, give her a command, or just share a joke together, and she becomes your new best employee. But how does she impact your businesses?

Is Alexa stealing your business? Bestselling author, Rhonda Scharf reveals what strategies are needed in this new paradigm. We know that good customer service is the foundation of any sustainable business, but how can we deliver when today’s customer demands more than anyone smaller than “Big Business” can provide or afford? Find out what you need to do to stand out. Don’t assume that what got you here will get you there. Spoiler Alert: Rhonda thinks your future looks bright!

You’ll discover how to:

  • Keep your business relevant and competitive when faced with the AI Revolution.
  • Determine what you need to continue to do and what can you stop doing.
  • Set you and your team apart from what AI can and cannot offer.
  • Make yourself and your business invaluable.

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