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Staging Virtual Customer Buying Conversations
Using virtual meetings to convert customer inquiries into sales
with Jeff Mowatt

The end of the pandemic doesn’t mean the end of virtual meetings with customers and prospects. Many customers will still resist in-person meetings; especially if they continue working from home. Fortunately, that presents an opportunity to shift from the old practice of responding to customer inquiries by sending price sheets, quotes, and estimates, to instead hosting virtual ‘face to face’ conversations to establish your unique value and why it’s worth a premium. The key is gaining agreement for a virtual meeting and then making the most of it.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Reply to customer inquiries with a compelling reason for them to opt for a virtual conversation over phone, email, or text communications.
  • Set the stage for more engaging virtual conversations to help customers clarify their needs.
  • Use the P.U.P.© method to narrow the information you provide customers down to the three key elements they need to make faster, easier buying decisions.
  • Differentiate your products and services to make your prices become less relevant.
  • Wrap-up your meeting with a compelling call to action to move the purchase forward.

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