Transforming Customer Service Culture

Shifting employee consciousness from transactional to transformative:

  • It’s less about talking → more about critical listening
  • It’s less about a customer’s immediate need → more about providing strategic solutions
  • It’s less about handling complaints → more about anticipating and preventing problems

It’s inspiring team members to engage less as service providers, and more as Trusted Advisors.

What Makes us Different?

Typical customer relationship approaches focus on being friendly and upbeat. Makes sense if you operate a theme park. But what if in your operations, you have some customers who are frustrated or making a grudge purchase? In that case, employee perkiness will likely be perceived as annoying. That’s why Jeff’s approach goes beyond niceties to actually earning trust. Even when internal or external customers are frustrated.

“In my career I have seen many motivational speakers. To date Jeff Mowatt was the only one who has had a profound impact on me.”
Richard Wahl, Regional Director, Western Financial Group


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