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How to be remembered more positively

Chances are your customers and co-workers don’t really want to interact with you. Yes, they want the benefits of your service, but the actual process of interacting with you is often just a means to that end. That’s why, if all you do is focus on the customer or coworker request itself, your service will be quickly forgotten by customers and marginalized by co-workers. They may remember the transaction but they’ll forget you. Fortunately, you can rise above the noise of transactions by using empathy and explaining that you understand their CONTEXT; what they’re really looking to achieve. Maybe it means stating to a coworker that you’ll send the information right away; so they can take care of those external customers who pay everyone’s wages. Perhaps it’s explaining to a project manager your goal is to help keep the project on time, within budget and without foul-ups. People remember professionals who get them

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