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How to Renew your Patience

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Does your job involve dealing with customers or coworkers who are rushed or stressed? If so, consider exercising before arriving for work. Before you dismiss this out of hand, think about that great feeling you have after you work-out. It’s more than a temporary endorphin high; it’s also the sense of well-being and self-esteem you generate by doing something you know is good for you. It gives you more perspective and more patience with those other humans. Yes, it may mean getting-up earlier. Fine, get up earlier and go to bed earlier. At first it may be tough, but your body adapts. Just give it three weeks and you’ll find it becomes a doable healthy habit. Being kind to customers and coworkers starts with being kind to yourself. You’ll not only have better outlook, you’ll also have renewed patience when confronted with life’s daily challenges.

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