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It’s NOT about what the customer asks for

Understand needsWhen you think about it, the only way a customer or coworker is going to think of you as a Trusted Advisor, is if they believe that you understand not only their immediate need, but that you also get what they’re ultimately looking to achieve. People who just focus on the customer’s request become transaction oriented. That’s a problem because there’s low perceived value in processing transactions.

On the other hand, when you talk with people about what they are ultimately hoping to achieve, you demonstrate that you’re thinking not just tactically; but strategically. Clarifying strategic intent proves that you are thinking at a higher level than sometimes your customers themselves. That goes a long way towards you being valued as a trusted advisor. For examples of how you can apply this, check out my new on-line course, the Trusted Advisor Transformation. Courtesy reminder – introductory pricing of this course expires Dec 3rd.

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