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Make a stronger first impression in under 3 seconds

handshakeYou’ve no doubt noticed that today’s workplace is more casual; not only in the way we dress, but in they way we speak. I believe we’ve gone too far.  Specifically, I’m referring to when you’re face to face with customers or colleagues and you introduce yourself by first name only; “Hi, I’m Jeff.” If you don’t provide your last name, it implies you don’t think you’re important. And since there may be more than one person in your organization with your first name, it also implies you are hiding and don’t like to be held accountable. Remember, your goal is not to become your customers’ and co-workers’ buddy. Your goal is to be considered a trusted advisor. Fortunately, you can prevent all these negative perceptions in under 3 seconds. Simply get in the habit of introducing yourself using your first and last names.

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