Managing Multiple Priorities

Managing Multiple Priorities

Juggling work priorities while still having a life.

Presentation Overview

It seems there’s never enough time in the day.   There are often so many competing demands and interruptions in life that it’s easy to become busy – but not necessarily productive. Consequently, as Jeff puts it, “By merely reacting to day-to-day crises and demands we can find ourselves making a decent living, but not having much of a life.”

The solution is not time management per se — it’s priority management.   In other words, it’s more important to work effectively on the right things than it is to work efficiently on the wrong things.   Your influence — be it at work, in your relationships, or even with your health — is dramatically impacted by your ability to manage multiple priorities.

These are skills that you’ll develop in this module of the Influence with Ease ® series, with Jeff Mowatt:

  • Optimize your energy to support your greatest priorities in life.
  • Prioritize tasks in a way that’s more congruent with corporate objectives.
  • Use a simple organizing concept that require less maintenance and provides greater flexibility when setting priorities.
  • Remain focused and on-task despite numerous ‘urgent’ interruptions.
  • Overcome common myths that make it difficult to meet deadlines.
  • Juggle several tasks at work and at home without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Generate the physical and mental energy you need to support your priorities.
  • Maintain a healthy balance in juggling your work and personal life.

Take advantage of these tips to optimize your use of time, energy, and organization resources. In the real world you can’t control all of life’s crises and interruptions. Fortunately, with these easy to apply strategies you can enjoy a greater sense of control, feel re-energized, and gain ground.

About award-winning business speaker, Jeff Mowatt

A leading authority in his field, Jeff didn’t just read the book – he wrote it! He’s the author of the bestselling business books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month and Influence with Ease. He heads his own training company and has written and produced 13 self-study coaching tools. His Influence with Ease ® column has been syndicated and featured in over 200 business publications. In addition to his academic credentials, Jeff learned his lessons in managing multiple priorities through real world life experience: he’s married with 2 teenaged daughters, is a business owner, and is a still active (yet aging) black belt martial artist.

“Jeff’s session was fantastic. It will help us get the ‘important’ things done, which will result in less stress and higher productivity.”
Shellaine Kinzett, Travel Agent, TravelTime

“Jeff’s seminar was great! I think all our staff could benefit from this session. Jeff’s examples are realistic ones and everyone can relate to them.”
Rosemaire Moser , Supervisor, Edmonton Civic Employees Credit Union

“Jeff’s presentation was excellent!! Exactly what I needed. In my situation this session has definitely been an eye opener. For the organization, it is beneficial in every aspect.”
Jeanine Normandeau, Supervisor/Loans Officer, Caisse Provencher

“The feedback received throughout the evaluation process was exceptional. I heard over and over again, that this  presentation  was well worth the time. Former participants continue to ‘rave’ about Jeff’s presentation style.”
Anne Dingwall, Employee Development Section, Personnel Dept., City of Edmonton


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