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One Call Worth Making

As you explore ways to grow your business, often the first tactic is to approach potential customers who aren’t aware of you. That’s the last thing you should do. People who haven’t heard of you may have no need or desire for your types of offerings. As I point out in my presentations, a sale only begins when a customer perceives a need. You’d be better off reconnecting with people who contacted you in the past about your services, but who chose to go with another supplier. The key is to do two things when you reconnect: 1. Point out up-front that last time it ‘wasn’t a fit’. 2. Explain how your offerings have improved. That’s it. Since time has passed, the proverbial honeymoon may now be over with the other supplier. And you’re demonstrating that your company is innovative and that you follow-up. Not bad for one call.

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