50 Phrases that Pay ©



Imagine you’re a customer phoning two organizations…

One service provider states, “I’ll have to take a message.” The second says, “I’ll be happy to take a message.” By simply changing two words the second person sounds like they have a better service attitude. They didn’t have to work harder. They didn’t even need to be in a good mood. They just changed two words. That’s how easy it is to have a more impact in your customer communications. That phrase – plus 49 others – is what you’ll discover with Jeff Mowatt’s 50 Phrases that Pay ©.

Some people claim that great customer service is all about being friendly. Jeff disagrees, “Presumably, every employee already knows how to be friendly towards internal and external customers. What team members are often lacking are communication tips that position employees as going beyond being friendly to instead being regarded as Trusted Advisors. That’s why I created this training tool.”

Here’s a sample of some of the 50 Phrases that Pay ©

Instead of: You’re welcome. Use: My pleasure.
Instead of: Let’s see if you’re interested. Use: Let’s see if there’s a fit.
Instead of just listening and then talking, paraphrase your understanding of their situation: It sounds like…
Rather than: Do you want to buy it? Use: What are your thoughts on it?
Instead of: Please bear with us. Use: I appreciate your patience.
Instead of: What do you want us to do? Instead use: What will work best for you?

Your 50 Phrases that Pay © are displayed on a single page that you can post and easily refer to. By using this tip sheet frequently, these phrases will become second nature and your customer communications will become more thoughtful – literally. What other training tool gives you so many handy tips at a glance?

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