Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month



“If you are serious about creating a service-oriented team this book is a must.”
Clive Beddoe, Chairman, WestJet Airlines

Imagine leading a team whose service is so outstanding it becomes your brand.   Customers would hear about you, be drawn to you, and refuse to leave you because your team would be the industry Service Icon.   You’d be one of the few leaders who no longer has to deal with the hassles of constant staff turnover, customer complaints, and interpersonal staff pettiness.   Your reputation for excellence would spread.   Naturally, you’d enjoy an enrichment in lifestyle for yourself and your family.

This is more than just wishful thinking.   Introducing the groundbreaking book by Jeff Mowatt that reveals how you can achieve all this in just 90 minutes a month!

Here’s what you’ll discover in Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month:

  • Why most ‘people problems’ are usually just symptoms of flawed infrastructures
  • How improving your organization’s infrastructure is much easier than most managers imagine
  • Why most mission statements don’t live up to their intended use – and what to do about it
  • How to replace policies that annoy with parables that motivate
  • Why product quality and service credentials are now less important than other buying criteria
  • How friendliness is generally overrated when determining what customers really want
  • How employees can gain even greater customer loyalty when mistakes happen
  • Why treating people fairly and equally is generally unethical and bad business
  • How to replace restrictive rules with consistently good judgment
  • Why faster service isn’t always better
  • How most service standards frequently do more harm than good
  • How to create service standards that lead to better front line decisions, less work for managers, and greater customer loyalty
  • The 10 most common blunders when obtaining customer feedback, and how to avoid them.
  • Management buzzwords and consulting services that take companies off-track
  • What mystery shoppers should be measuring – and why they often don’t
  • The magic question companies should ask customers
  • Eight elements for honing management intuition
  • The number one employee motivator (hint: it’s not ‘money’ or ‘recognition’)
  • The number one reason employees quit
  • Four critical elements for successful employee recognition
  • Why most employee-of-the-month programs do more harm than good
  • How to give employees corrective feedback
  • How to convert employee motivation from an ad-hoc event to an ongoing process
  • How managers can align their priorities to create a service and sales culture
  • How to use CAST Meetings © to create a customer focused culture in 90 minutes a month

Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month gets to the core of customer service – the organization’s underlying service and sales culture.   Unlike other approaches that merely focus on surface behaviors, this addresses the root cause.   As Jeff puts it, “If you try to enhance service and sales behaviors without looking at the culture, you are just painting over rust – the underlying problems eventually reoccur.”   To address this, he developed a model that merely takes 90 minutes a month, and creates the kind of service and sales culture that’s so powerful that you that you become the industry Service Icon.

Consider results such as the public sector crown corporation which within six months of applying these approaches found that,”…employees productivity increased by 34%…public complaints decreased by 75%.”

Here’s what respected business leaders have said about this book…

“Groundbreaking!   ‘Becoming a Service Icon…’ reveals how you can take good service to the next level – without asking employees to work harder or faster.”
Bob Nicolay, President and CEO, Enmax Corporation

“At last!   A roadmap that clearly lays out short-cuts to superior service.”
John H. Graham IV, President and CEO, American Society of Association Executives

“Great stuff!   ‘Becoming a Service Icon…’ offers insightful, useable tools that any manager can use to create an outstanding service brand.”
Kim Yost, President and CEO, The Brick Warehouse Corporation

“‘Becoming a Service Icon…’ reinforces the fundamental realities that service defines your success in business.   The tools Jeff Mowatt provides within his book will be helpful to anyone who believes in the adage that customer is the reason for your success.”
Wynne Powell, President & COO, London Drugs

“Service Icon has proven to be a tool to empower our employees to make sound decisions. Superiors don’t solve problems. The frontline person recognizing a customer service challenge has the authority to identify the ‘Service Icon Answer’ to the challenge, execute the decision, and let a superior know the logic behind the decision. What we often hear from a supervisor is, ‘It’s your facility. What’s the Service Icon answer?'”
Robin McChesney, Regional Operations Manager, 5B Management


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