How to Manage Multiple Priorities



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Boost productivity and regain balance of your life

It seems there’s never enough time in the day. There are often so many competing demands and interruptions in life that it’s easy to become busy – but not necessarily productive. That means the important things get put-off. Things start piling up. People get upset. Eventually, your work, health, and even relationships suffer.

Enter Jeff Mowatt’s training kit, How to Manage Multiple Priorities

Over the course of your career you’ve likely heard and perhaps tried lots of approaches to time management. They generally involve scheduling certain tasks into your calendar at certain times. In Jeff’s experience these approaches are great in theory, but in the real world of constant interruptions they simply aren’t practical or sustainable.

That’s why Jeff created a simpler and easier strategy for getting the important things done. It doesn’t involve constantly rewriting to-do lists. It doesn’t mean programming your life down to the last second. What it does do, is allow you to stay on track while dealing with the numerous interruptions and distractions that happen in today’s workplace. Best of all, it means you can leave work (physically and mentally) at a reasonable hour and still have the time and energy to enjoy a healthier, more balanced personal life.

With this package, you’ll learn how to:

  • Complete tasks on time. In most workplaces, this alone will make you a star.
  • Prioritize tasks to reduce crisis management.
  • Use a simple organizing tool that provides greater flexibility when setting priorities.
  • Remain focused and on-task despite numerous ‘urgent’ interruptions.
  • Overcome beliefs and habits that make it difficult to meet deadlines.
  • Manage telephone calls to avoid telephone tag.
  • Help keep meetings on-time and on-task.
  • Juggle several tasks at work and at home without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Maintain a healthy balance in juggling your work and home life.

Download Includes:

  • Audio seminar presented by master story teller and award-winning speaker, Jeff Mowatt
  • Learning Guide so you can literally see how to sort through tasks.
  • Priority Planning Pad© keeps your day organized and accommodates unforeseen interruptions.

“I’m thrilled with the results! After using the Priority Planning Pad that I downloaded with the kit, I no longer have to stay late at work. In fact, within a year I was able to reduce my work week from 50 hours to 40 hours. What’s more, I was able to increase my business revenues by 58% during that same period. I don’t have any more stress about things not getting done, (they do get done). And I have time to handle the daily interruptions that come up. I highly recommend this system to anyone facing time pressures.”
Lisa Sembaliuk, Owner, Scrapbook Heaven

“Jeff’s  strategies help create a calmer environment with higher productivity.”
Alison Welch, Director, Employee Services , Gov’t of the Northwest Territories

“These simple strategies have made my life more productive and easier to manage. Unlike other tools and charts I’ve used that were too complex or too time consuming to maintain, I was able to easily adapt this approach into my daily routine. This is a time saving tool that really works!”
Kelly Anne Millen, Energy Analyst, COE – Energy Management

In the real world you can’t eliminate all of life’s crises and interruptions. Fortunately, with these easy to apply strategies you can gain ground and enjoy a greater sense of control.

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