Influence with Ease ® 250 Weekly Customer Service Training Tips (Copy)



Influence with Ease 250 Weekly Customer Service Training Tips

Does your team’s great service ever backslide?

CDrom with over 250 customer service tips keeps employees tuned-up for terrific service

As a manager, you know that training without reminders and reinforcement tends to wear off. Even your star employees can become complacent when they stop learning. The challenge is how to provide customer service tips that employees will actually be interested in that don’t require a huge commitment of time or money.

Enter the Influence with Ease © CDrom that provides your team with over 250 training tips; each one can be read in just 30 seconds. By posting or emailing just one tip a week (hint: you could call it ‘Training Tip Tuesday’ or the ‘Friday Refresher’), you can reignite and continually tune-up your team’s service for the next 4 years for just $177. That’s training for under 35 cents a tip – less than the cost of buying an employee a single cup of coffee.

Written by customer service strategist and bestselling author, Jeff Mowatt, these 30-second training tips cover a full range of common customer challenges:

  • Dealing with customers on the telephone
  • Handling multiple customer requests
  • Selling and cross-selling
  • Negotiating better terms and agreements
  • Enhancing service to coworkers and internal customers
  • Dealing with delays and giving bad news
  • Converting upset customers into fans

And much more. Chances are, if someone on your team has had a customer service challenge, or if as a manager you identify a sales or service area that needs some improvement, there’s an Influence with Ease © tip that will help convey the message for you.

The CDrom format gives you the option to either forward a tip by email, and/or print a hard copy ‘Printer Friendly’ version which you can post in your staff area or coffee room so that everyone can read the 30-second tip in the time it takes to top off their coffee. And it’s on a topic that you actually want your employees to discuss around the proverbial water cooler.

“Jeff, thank you so much for the sales tools. I have already in three days changed my strategy and have written two contracts for new homes. It really is as simple as finding the right words to close the deal. I am going to have a phenomenal year selling homes!”
Christine Kerber, Professional Housing Consultant, M&K Homes

“I’ve worked in this sector for three different companies; two of which sell high-end goods, and I’ve never heard such helpful strategies for solidifying customer loyalty and satisfaction. Some of the tips Jeff shares are contrary to what I learned previously, but make so much sense! Jeff’s tips helped revitalize my view of customer service.”
Courtney Bowman, Sales Associate, Stasia Boutique

Bonus! You’ll save by combining this with Jeff’s other resources in the ‘I Want it All’ Package Special. Details are at the top of your shopping cart when you click on the ordering button. You can also order by phone at 1-800-JMowatt (566-9288). Local in Calgary, Alberta Canada 403-244-9094. Fax 403-244-9094 [email protected]

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